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About me

My name is Lisa, I am an English teacher and Neurolanguage Coach® living in Galcia, Spain. Quite how I ended up living in a hamlet on the side of a hill in one of the rainiest parts of Spain, I don’t know.  It kind of just happened…

Similarly, becoming a teacher kind of just happened too.  I have to be honest, and admit that until the local council offered me a remunerative incentive to do a PGCE course way back in 1996 (there was a shortage of modern foreign language teachers then), I hadn’t ever considered being a teacher. With a student loan to pay off, absolutely no idea what I wanted to do in life, it seemed like a good option.  And so it was that I began my teaching career, working in secondary schools in the North-East of England teaching English and French…  And surprisingly, I actually quite enjoyed it!

I forgot to mention that I’m a keen traveller whenever I get the chance (not often enough these days!).  After a couple of great years in Northumberland, The UK, I started to get itchy feet… And so to Spain, to do a TEFL course in Barcelona.  I was planning to head on to Chile but fell in love with Barcelona and ended up staying there.

I lived in Barcelona for 2 years, working for the British Council and International House. I also worked for the British Council in Cairo and Hong Kong as a summer school teacher.  After a brief stint in Oporto (at the same English academy J.K Rowling had worked at!) I moved to Galicia where I’ve been living ever since with my partner, an organic farmer.

After the children came along, the pace of life slowed down somewhat.  I spent 3 years giving classes as a freelance teacher to children and adults and I’ve been working in my current position as a secondary school EFL teacher since 2016.  I live and work in two, equally small and remote(ish) villages.  This, my keen interest in using new technologies for teaching and learning and a desire to get back on the road someday, has led me to my latest venture, online language coaching…

So that’s me: Mum, “farmer’s wife”, teacher of teens, online language coach and resident of a hamlet on a hill (with frequently itchy feet!)

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