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Motivated teens

Rather than “Motivating teens” I called this post “Motivated teens” as I am particularly interested in seeking out, building on and maintaining intrinsic motivation.

Providing teens with a quick fix of extrinsic motivation is not that difficult. Show me a teen that doesn’t like a Kahoot, a game of Bingo or some kind of reward (preferably one that improves their mark or tastes yummy…) The more difficult task is setting up and maintaining the conditions for learning where intrinsic motivation comes to the fore (bringing about more sustainable learning.)

On the Teaching English website read about an activity that I am using in class to try and do just this …

Motivated teens: A cross cultural digital exchange

group of students

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Projects: Setting students up for success

“Projects are a great way to develop language and other essential skills, however we need to give students a bit more than an “Off we go…” to ensure quality learning is taking place.”

Read my latest post Projects: Setting students up for success on

I discuss some of the benefits of doing projects in class and how I set them up to ensure all students are organised, prepared, engaged and learning.

Below you can find a couple of examples of the accompanying presentations and information available to my students for some of the the projects I mention in my post.

High five to project work đŸ˜‰