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Teaching and learning with a wiki: Part 1

This is an updated version of a post from October 2016 when I was using Wikipsaces to host my wiki.  Since the closure of Wikispaces I have started using new Google Sites and although much of the content in this post remains the same, I have made some modifications.  I have also renamed the post Learning and teaching with a wiki: Part 1 as I will dedicate Part 2 to setting up and using a wiki with new Google Sites.

One thing that remains the same, is that I am still convinced using a wiki is a great way to facilitate learning and provide students with so many more opportunties for learning than they would otherwise have and this is how it all began for me…

After watching a great session from the British Council “Teaching for Success” conference presented by my good friend and former colleague Jo Budden, Helping learners survive – and thrive – in the digital world, it got me thinking about how I help my students to survive and thrive in this digital world.  At my school, ICT resources are quite limited. There are no formal ICT classes and mobile devices are banned!  Faced with this situation and a determination to ensure my students leave school capable digital citizens, I needed a solution. The solution was a wiki… Continue reading


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What makes a good teacher (and a good manager!)

ACE teacherAnyone who has read my post Blogging and the art of procrastination will know that, among other things, it took me a while to find a name for this blog.  It eventually came from my online teaching venture ACEnglish with the “teacher” bit added to differentiate the blog from the business.
Why ACE?  What can I say, I’m an 80’s kid…
Everything that’s “awesome” now, was “ace” in the 80’s and it’s one of my all-time favourite words.  Synonyms are; excellent, outstanding, first-class, first-rate, brilliant, expert… So, am I an ace English teacher? No.  Do I aspire to be an ace English teacher? Always.
After I came up with the name, I started to think about what makes an ace teacher. At about the same time, an unassuming Leicester City defied all odds (all 5000-1 of them!) and won the Premier League title in England.  What do Leicester City have to do with what makes an ace English teacher I hear you ask! Well…

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