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The Culture Cafe

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I give interactive, online talks about English speaking cultures

I’ve always been fascinated by other cultures. This passion led me to study anthropology as part of my degree and to travel at any opportunity. On one of these travels, Spain captured my heart and I’ve been immersing myself in its culture ever since…

This is when I realised that we can’t truly learn a language without understanding its culture and we can’t fully understand a culture without knowing something about its language.

In our increasingly global connected society, cultural understanding and empathy is essential if we want to build good relationships and create a more positive world.

Participants join me in a virtual classroom (the Cafe) to discover and discuss other cultures.

A talk includes:

  • – Pre-talk materials to get students curious
  • – A special challenge to complete during the talk to
  • keep students 100% engaged
  • – An online quiz to see who remembers the most..
  • – Optional activities to complete after the talk to
  • continue the discussion and get creative…

We help create a better world; a world where we understand and respect each other and celebrate not discriminate against diversity.

We help make a difference…

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I wanted to teach my students different aspects of the British culture and Lisa’s conference was the best option, learning but having fun.  We’ll continue this adventure in the next two terms with new content.

Ana Rosa Doval, EFA A Cancela, Galicia, Spain